Arkansas Groups Protest Hillary Clinton’s Views on Immigration Reforms

LITTLE ROCK, AR — Not everyone was happy for Hillary Clinton’s speech in North Little Rock, Saturday night.

While supporters made their way inside the Verizon Area, the opposition remained loud just across the street.

“The time is now for immigration reform,” said Humberto Marquez with the Arkansas Unity Community Coalition. “We are saying that we are the future of America. America runs on immigrants and the fact that there are people who don’t support us, doesn’t make sense.”

Marquez says Mrs. Clinton and the Democrat Party hasn’t shown enough support to the Latino population, especially undocumented immigrants.

The group, made up of Arkansans from across the Natural State have been at other Republican events this week.

They say they’re not gong to give Democrats a free pass in 2016.

“If we’re only targeting Republicans, then we’re sending the message that all Democrats are pro-immigrant, when the reality is, they’re not,” said Marquez.

The Coalition weren’t the only protesters however.

Robert Horton says all illegal immigrants should be deported. “The silent majority America is fed up with the illegals,” said Horton who told us this was his first time protesting. “They’re fed up with Obama encouraging illegals to come and stay.”

Both groups can agree on one thing, immigration reform will be a major topic in this presidential election cycle.

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