Arkansas Highway Police patrol I-630 construction zone, watch for speeders


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – It’s 3 p.m., rush hour is kicking off and speeders are treating the work zone like a race track.

“There’s one at 64 that’s going,” says Arkansas Highway Police Officer Ronnie Carr.

The speed limit in the construction zone is 50 miles-per-hour.

“There is one at 71,” says Carr.

Carr is working enforcement along I-630 in Little Rock, he says many drivers treat the construction zone like it’s nothing.

“I don’t know quite the number of accidents but I would probably say at least one accident a day,” says Carr.

While driving on 630, another car drives-by, Carr estimates him going up to 70 miles-per-hour.

Carr is forced to wait, stopping the driver out of the work zone because it’s too dangerous.

“Reason I pulled you over, is the speeding in the work zone,” says Carr to the driver.

Pulling people over in the construction zone is nearly impossible, it would shut a lane of traffic down. It’s an ongoing struggle for Highway Police but speeding isn’t the only issue.

“Following too close that could cause an accident in the work zone itself,” says Carr.

Texting is also a problem.

“I think people not paying attention, trying to merge too fast, trying to cut the other off,” says Carr.

Construction is expected to be finished after the first of the year.

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