Arkansas nurse makes 1,000 masks; donates profit to people dealing with COVID-19


JACKSONVILLE, Ark.—An Arkansas nurse is on a mission to help victims of COVID-19 by going beyond her job description.

Terrie Hewett works at Dardanelle Regional Medical Center and has been a nurse for 27 years.

She wears a mask for twelve hours a day, but when she isn’t at the hospital she is busy making more of them.

“I have them gone before I have them made,” said Hewett.

When the pandemic hit hard in March, Hewett says she began making the masks for fellow nurses. Now, she makes them for people all over the community.

“I just felt like one day I would be going to work and we weren’t going to have any, so I wanted each employee to have one,” recalled Hewett.

She says she never asked for any payment, just that people donate what they could.

“I’ve had anywhere from $2 a mask and I had one person who gave me $100 for two masks,” said Hewett.

Hewett says people have donated over $5,000 and all of it goes back to those in need through a benevolence fund.

“It’s to help others who have been effected by COVID, whether it’s the loss of a job or they need a bill paid,” Hewett said.

Her daughter, Cassie Karp, says she is proud of her mom for the work she has done to give back.

“She sees a goal and jumps over it, that’s just how she is,” said Karp.

Hewett says it takes her around twelve minutes for each mask and she is going to continue making them as long as there is a need.

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