Little Rock registered nurse headed to New York to work on the frontlines and help with COVID 19


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — You probably know someone who’s working in the medical field. From nurses to doctors and physicals they’re all doing their part during COVID 19. While Arkansas continues to see new cases other states like new your city need all the help they can get.

In the N-95 mask the N stands for non resistant and the 95 protects from 95 percent of germs. Imagine having to wear one of these for 13 hours.

That’s the reality for one registered nurse who’s headed New York working on the front lines and she’s doesn’t know what to expect.

“I don’t know what awaits me maybe that’s why I’m not so nervous,” said Ruth McDonough, Registered Nurse & Nurse Practitioner.

She is embarking on a new journey from Little Rock to New York.

“This is going to be an experience from the very first step I take in the airport. I’m sure I’ve never seen it like it is currently,” said Ruth.

She will be working on the frontlines at St. Johns Episcopal Hospital near Long Island in New York, where she will help out with the novel coronavirus.

“It’s winning the race, it’s fast and it’s strong. It’s faster than we are and stronger than we are and we are not going to catch it unless everybody is a team together,” said Ruth

The CDC reports more than 100 thousand positive COVID-19 cases in New York.

“The cases don’t bother me as much how strong it is and how many it’s killing. People aren’t surviving this,” said Ruth “I know I can do the job but can I do it 13 hours four times a week with everybody so ill.”

Not knowing what is ahead she says she is only doing her job.

“Does it feels good to make someone feel yea it does I haven’t had a patient yet in nine years that I haven’t made feel better that does me good,” said Ruth

Ruth leaves from Little Rock on Sunday and will be in New York for the next 3 and a half months.

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