Arkansas River Trail back open after historic flood


NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Earlier this year there was record breaking flooding on the Arkansas River. It cost the state millions of dollars in damage.

Since the flood, many areas have been cleaned up. Finally the entire Arkansas River Trail is back open and cyclist are hitting the pavement. 

Larry Poston is one of those riders. He says he’s glad to be out after the historic Arkansas River flood earlier this summer. 

“It was awful a good month or two. You couldn’t ride anywhere,” Poston said. 

The City of North Little Rock put in hundreds of man hours by wiping clear debris and sand left behind from the flood water. 

Terry Hartwick is the North Little Rock Parks Director. He says his department has been busy since the water subsided. 

“When it started dropping it came up again then after we started attacking, moving trees,” Hartwick said. 

They are still trying to figure out exactly how much money in damage the Arkansas River Trail received. Hartwick says it’s well over a million dollars in North Little Rock alone. 

“You’ll see parts of our asphalt trail here that’s undercut. We don’t know what that’s going to cost to fix it and make sure somebody’s safe.” 

Hartwick says the good news is that the full river trail is back open. 

“It’s a process I don’t want to do anytime soon,” Hartwick said. 

The people that use it almost daily glad to hit the pavement once more. 

“Hopefully it doesn’t happen again for another 100 years,” Poston said. 

North Little Rock city officials will be meeting with FEMA later this week. 

In Little Rock, the city says it doesn’t know how much money in damage the parks received because it’s still being assessed.

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