JONESBORO, Ark. – Arkansas State Chancellor Kelly Damphousse released a statement today to the public regarding COVID-19.

Here is his statement:

I want to reach out and say thank you for the support that you have given to Arkansas State over the years. These are challenging times, and we all are facing a new normal that we did not expect. As you may have heard, campuses across the country have moved to all-online course delivery. We are fortunate that A-State has a strong history of teaching online (5,000 students are currently working on an online degree), so we were much more prepared than others when we made that transition last week. This week, I have also asked the majority of our university to work remotely to do our part in this coronavirus pandemic. In fact, I am writing this email from my study in the chancellor’s residence.   I’m proud of the way our university has come together so far to face this challenge. In spite of our challenges, our campus remains open, research and teaching continue, and over 1,200 students continue to live in our residence halls – mostly because they don’t have anywhere better to go. I wanted to let you know that I have asked our development team to temporarily suspend almost all of our fundraising efforts at A-State. I know that we all have a lot on our minds right now, and I want all of us to concentrate on what is most important.   That said, I am making one exception to the fundraising suspension. Our Student Emergency Fund was created by the students on our A-State Student Philanthropy Council. Their goal is to provide temporary financial assistance for their fellow Red Wolves who are in need. If you can help, those funds will be made available to students who are facing emergency needs, (and their need has never been greater). Their modest goal was to raise $15,000, but after a social media push today, we have already raised almost $14,000. I would love to double that by the end of the semester.

In a message to our campus last week, I closed with this encouragement to our Pack. This generation of Red Wolves was born in the days after America’s last great challenge: 9/11. And during those days, we came together. This challenge, however, is more than one day, one threat, or one recovery. I am reminded of World War II, and how the British withstood the day-after-day onslaught of The Blitz. Their old war posters that became popular a few years ago now speak to us: Keep Calm and Carry On.

Courage Red Wolves.