LONOKE COUNTY, AR — The largest meth bust in Arkansas history happening along I-40 near the Kerr Road exit in Lonoke County. 

Arkansas State Police arrested Javier Leon-Garcia, 53, from California. They say in his semi-truck there were 276 pounds of meth, both liquid and crystal form. It equals to an estimated $10-million.  

“That’s a big haul, that’s a lot of money. Kudos to law enforcement for discovering that,” Freddy Swan said. 

Swan lives right off of Kerr Road. His daughter saw police investigating the truck and snapped some pictures. 

“We saw the truck, but we didn’t know what was going on,” Swan said. 

State Police say the truck was pulled over the the side of the road, a trooper went to see if Garcia was okay and that’s when they found the meth mother load. 

“I call it a blessing, divine intervention,” Laura Thomas said, “He was doing his job, and it paid off big, in a really big way.”

The largest bust in Arkansas history happening to find itself in Lonoke County, but Laura Thomas says the more that’s in cop’s hands the better. 

“My kids are getting older and older and children that are using are getting younger and younger. The more that’s off the street the less they will be around,” Laura Thomas said. 

Garcia is charged with trafficking a controlled substance and is being held without bond in the Lonoke County jail.

State Police say they believe this is part of a cross-country shipment. They are still investigating and have not released information about where this shipment was heading.