The months of August, September, and most of October were dry. Up until the last weekend in October, we were nearly a half foot of rainfall below average. This created extreme drought conditions across central Arkansas.

The dry stretch came to an end on October 27th and the days following. During the stretch between the 27th and the 30th, most of Arkansas picked up as much rain as the previous two months combined. Below is a list of some of the rain totals from that rainy stretch.

Rain totals from Saturday 10/28/2023 through Monday 10/30/2023.

The best part about the rain was it didn’t cause any destructive flooding. The rain was caused by a cold front that stalled over the state for several days. This was the perfect setup for drought-busting rainfall without flash flooding. Take a look at how much the drought conditions improved from last week to this week!

The drought monitor from 10/24/2023 (left) compared to the drought monitor from 10/31/2023 (right).

Even with all that rainfall, there are still dry areas. There are still burn bans and high fire danger in southeast Arkansas.

There isn’t much rain expected over the next week, but the climate prediction center is forecasting drought conditions across Arkansas to continue to improve!

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