I went back and looked at all our weather blogs from the last two months and Arkansas has been under a severe weather risk at least once a week for the last 9 weeks! This week will make 10…

Our next round of strong thunderstorms will be this Friday. The Storm Prediction Center has a huge area that includes Arkansas under a slight (level 2 of 5) risk for severe weather Friday, March 31st.

This many days in advance the Storm Prediction Center will only issue a level 2 or a level 3 risk. This is because forecast model data isn’t as precise this many days out.

The track and timing of this storm look very similar to the storm that brought strong thunderstorms to Arkansas Friday. March 24th. We will see warm and humid air move into Arkansas on Thursday, and the storm will move in on Friday.

Since this is about 5 days away a lot will change. Stay with the Arkansas Storm Team for the latest updates.

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