LITTLE ROCK, Ark – The tropics have been unusually quiet this year with only 7 named storms so far, most of which only strengthened into a tropical storm. Now there is a major hurricane and an area of development that looks interesting.

The top story in the tropics right now is category three Hurricane Fiona. Fortunately, this storm will not impact the U.S., but it could bring damaging winds to parts of eastern Canada.

Hurricane Fiona has no chance of impacting Arkansas, but there is an area of tropical development that could bring impacts to the Natural State.

Obviously, it is WAY too early to forecast any specifics, but the National Hurricane Center is confident it will form into Hermine and move toward the Gulf of Mexico.

Forecast models are in agreement that a strong storm will form over the Gulf of Mexico during the middle of next week (9/26 – 9/30). Both the European and American models have the system off the west coast of Florida on Thursday 9/29.

The system will likely develop over the next 3-5 days into Gaston. Then, forecast models are showing it move over Cuba and strengthen over the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

The European forecast model from 9/22 to 9/29.

Again, this is more than a week away so a lot could change, but the fact that two major forecast models are in agreement is why we will be keeping a close eye on this system. Stay with the Arkansas Storm Team for the latest tropical updates.


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