ASP Investigating Lonoke County Clerk’s Office


LONOKE COUNTY, Ark. – Word on the street hasn’t spread yet.

“I haven’t heard a whole lot about it,” says Lonoke County Resident Lee Becraft.

For the second time in less than a decade, the Arkansas State Police (ASP) has been called in to investigate a potential crime by Lonoke County employees.

“The public trusts them with that job or they wouldn’t be put in there,” says Lonoke County Resident Unona Bellerd.

The Lonoke County Prosecutor says he requested the ASP investigation and wouldn’t go into detail but confirmed two employees at the County Clerk’s office have been fired.

“If the public puts them in there to do what they need to do for the public for their town — you can’t have crooks in the department,” adds Bellerd.

Sources say the investigation stems from child support checks not getting into the right hands.

“If there is money missing I want somebody to look into it — either yea or nay,” says Becraft.

In 2011 and 2012, auditors found about $4,000 worth of electronic equipment unaccounted for in the Circuit Clerk’s office but no charges were filed.

As another investigation kicks off, some people in Lonoke County say it’s time for a better system for checks and balances.

“They need to be more restrictive regulations on it,” says Bellerd.

There’s no word how long the investigation will last but whatever ASP finds will be sent to the Lonoke County Prosecutor to determine if any charges should be filed.

The Prosecutor says he hopes it wraps up soon before the May election.

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