Attorney pushing for adoption reform after alleged adoption scandal in Arkansas


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A lot of people are questioning the Arkansas adoption system after a Marshellese adoption scheme unfolded last month.

There is a push right now at the State Capitol to make sure something like this never happens again.

Following the Paul Peterson case, some are saying it exposed flaws in the adoption system and now an Arkansas Attorney is saying our law makers could set an example for adoption reform across the U.S.

“The goal was to make sure what started unethically in the dark was finished ethically in the light,” Said Josh Bryant, attorney.

Paul Peterson is the alleged mastermind behind a multi-state adoption scheme. He currently is facing 19 felonies here in Arkansas.

It’s believed that he recruited, transported and offered payment to pregnant Marshallese women to give their babies up for adoption in the U.S.

At the State Capitol Bryant presented an adoption reform interim study proposal to the House Committee on youth, aging and military affairs with one goal in mind.

“What I hope is that we can have all stake holders at the table, and that we can come up with legislation that fixes this system and insures that this doesn’t happen again,” Bryant said.

The study is going to look to the particulars of adoption, and hopefully once the study is done a bill will be proposed during to general assembly to fix what Josh and others see as flaws in the system.

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