Attorneys for 107-Year-Old Killed by Police Play Shooting Video for Community

PINE BLUFF, AR–A Pine Bluff family persists in their fight for answers in the shooting death of a 107-year-old man.

It’s been roughly seven months since Pine Bluff police shot and killed Monroe Isadore after a lengthy standoff. Now attorneys for his family are trying to rally the community with video of the shooting.

Benjamin Crump, the attorney for the family of slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin, is in Pine Bluff this week joining local council, Anthony Walker, in representing Monroe Isadore’s family.

Inside a conference room at the Plaza hotel, Crump revealed video he says shows police could have avoided shooting and killing Monroe Isadore.

“This video certainly shows a lot of vivid details of the final moments of Monroe Isadore’s life and whether or not the Pine Bluff police department could have used less intrusive measures than to kill a 107-year-old man in the bed,” says Crump.

After warning the audience it would be tough to watch, they pressed play and took viewers back to September 2013, minutes after a neighbor called for police to come to help with a domestic dispute involving Isadore. The situation quickly escalated into a standoff.

Surveillance video shows Isadore in bed, police throwing tear gas into his room and Isadore responding with gunfire before a big flash bang. Moments after authorities threw in the distraction device, smoke filled the room, and just as police pushed through the door the clip cut off, blocking viewers from witnessing the fatal shots. Still, the impact was obvious.

As the audience took in the scenes, family explained they are still waiting for answers from authorities.

“I am still as of this day, April 1st 2014, waiting for someone from the Pine Bluff Police Department to call me,” says Marilyn Howard, Isadore’s oldest daughter.

Attorneys hope the attendees’ pain will turn to outrage and move them to act.

“If people won’t stand up, there is no way we can get justice for and the Trayvons, Jordan Davis and Isadore Monroes of the world,” says Crump.

Attorneys also included autopsy photos at the end of the video. They say they invited the police chief and mayor, but they did not attend.

A special prosecutor found the officers acted within department policy and chose not to file charges.

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