Avid cyclist hit by car in Lonoke County


LONOKE COUNTY, Ark. – A father, family man and avid cyclist is at home recovering. He was hit by a car on his ride Thursday morning in Lonoke County. 

Jason Hill set out for a 50-mile bike ride at 9:30 am. He only got a few miles from home when he heard a car barreling towards him. 

“It felt like a dream. It’s something that happens to other people,” Jason said. 

Jason is a cyclist and triathlete. He says he never expected to be hit by a car on the road. 

“I heard gravel behind me. I knew it meant someone was on the shoulder,” he recalls. “I yelled and I waved and it was too late.” 

The driver of a sedan hit his back tire splitting it into two. Jason says he flipped over the hood and landed on the ground. The driver left the scene. 

“It fractured my L3 vertebrae and obviously I have road rash from landing on the asphalt and rocks,” he said. 

A Good Samaritan saw the whole thing. After making sure Jason was okay, that driver followed the suspected car home and called police. 

Lonoke County Sheriff Office arrested 82-year-old Allan Wagner for leaving the scene of an accident and overtaking a bicycle. 

“There has got to be more awareness brought to other people’s attention,” Jason said. 

Jason says he’s lucky to be alive, just weeks after another cyclist, John Mundell was hit and killed on a bike. That case has yet to be solved. 

“It could have been a lot worse. I’m really grateful that injuries weren’t worse,” Jason explained. 

Jason says the bike he was on was only a week old. He does plan to get back on his bike once he’s healed. 

The driver in his case has bonded out of jail. 

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