A baby survives 100 foot fall from cliff


ROGERS, Ark. (KNWA) – It happened yesterday evening at Lake Atalanta Park.

First responders say the mom lost control of her stroller and it fell down a 100 fott enbankement with the baby inside.

She and another person went down to get the child and they ended up stuck at the bottom of the hill.

The mother broke her ankle and injured her face, the baby was not hurt.

Rogers Fire Fighters used special technical equipment called an MPD to get tehm up the embankment faster.

Captain Josh Chapman from the Rogers Fire Department said “You go from a lowering to a raising system and back and forth and that changeover is really what takes most of the time during an operation. What an MPD does is this makes it so our changeover of the lowering and going back down is much faster.”

Firefighters took two trips up and down the cliff to resuce everyone involved.

Luckily a tree stopped the stroller from going into the water, keeping the baby safe.

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