“She’s doing amazing considering what happened,” Taylor Edwards, baby Emma’s mother said. 

Last Wednesday Taylor Edwards and Garrett Holman went to a friends’ parent’s house in Lonoke County to car pool to work. 

Edwards works at a daycare so Emma comes with her. 

But after a few minutes inside, the family’s pitbull snapped. 

“I seen him running towards her and he grabbed her by the head first and he shook her,” Edwards said. 

Edwards says she didn’t want to grab the dog for fear he’d bite down harder.

“When he dropped her I hurried up and got her,” she said. 

She shielded Emma as best she could, but the dog broke through and bit the baby again on her back side. 

“He would have kept going. ‘Cause it took three people to get that dog off of us,” she said. 

They rushed Emma to a Medclinic and from there an ambulance took her to Arkansas Children’s Hospital. 

“She screamed the entire time.” 

Then they got a better look at her wounds. 

“The four canine teeth on both sides,” Edwards said showing where the dog got ahold of her daughter. 

“His mouth fit all the way around her head,” Holman said. 

They said two teeth punctured her scull, but did not hit her brain. 

While she’s physically healing, Emma’s parents believe she’s still working through the trauma emotionally. 

“She’s got to be with us, she can’t be alone,” Holman said. ” Yeah, a lot more clingy,” Edwards said. 

But after the attack, they’re holding her closer too. 

The dog was put down, however since it wasn’t checked for rabies, Emma is now getting a series of rabies shots every 3 days for two weeks. 

She’ll have another doctor check up in September to make sure she’s healing well