BBB investigating false COVID-19 cleaning claims made by local businesses


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the United States, scammers of all sorts are popping up and seizing the opportunity to prey on the public. 

The most recent scam, local business claiming to clean up the coronavirus in your home, but are these claims intentional or just lack of information.

“You know you drop the word coronavirus or virus into a sentence – it really gets everyone’s attention,” says Arkansas BBB President and CEO, Janet Robb. 

Robb says there is just too much misinformation online about ways to clean or disinfect your home and consumers need to be vigilant before they take the bait. 

“Of course, we want our home to be safe. Of course, we want our environment to be as clean as possible right now but don’t let that emotional want filter over power your rational decision-making process,” she explains.  

Robb says the BBB is currently working with and researching several businesses to find out if the “cleaning COVID-19 claims” posted online by these companies are truly what people are getting. 

“It’s really very simple when you make a claim you can do something you need to be able to document that in fact it is accurate and true or the Better Business Bureau will ask you to change your claims,” said Janet Robb.

As of now the CDC has not released any type of tool or device that can eliminate the virus from the air in your home. 

To file a claim with the BBB click here.

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