Beebe 5th grader using YouTube to create fun activities during COVID-19 outbreak


BEEBE, Ark. — The novel coronavirus has changed how we do things in life. Gyms are switching to at-home workouts and restaurants are curbside, but one 5th grade student in Beebe is using a video-sharing platform to create fun activities.

“Hey guys, I’m making this YouTube channel to provide learning opportunities to get us all through this confusing time,” said Jace Ruiz.

Jace Ruiz is a 5th grade student at Beebe Middle School and he started a YouTube channel.

“It’s called ‘Fun Learning with Jace.”

Fun is only the beginning. He started the channel 2-weeks-ago and each day brings a different activity.

“On Monday’s I usually do science experiments,” said Jace.

Jace has viewers from all over the country.

“Today I’ll be making goo and this was a video requested by Dede in Corpus Christi, Texas,” said Jace in a video.

He explains what items you need to make the goo.

“You will also need food coloring of your choice.”

Also, most importantly how to make it.

“You wanna get all the water mixed in with the goo.”

It’s just one of his many ideas.

“On Tuesday I do art. For today’s art video I made a homemade wind chime,” said Jace.

On Wednesdays he reads, Thursday’s he plays video games and Friday is his favorite day.

“Hey guys, welcome back to another video. Today is Fitness Friday and I’m going to get right into it. 3, 2, 1.”

It’s a new daily routine for Jace since schools are closed due to COVID-19.

Something he misses.

“I really do because in school I got to see all my friends and I got to hangout with them,” said Jace.

Jace is making sure his friends and others can have a little fun during the pandemic.

“It makes me feel great because I feel like giving other people… I feel like I’m being an influencer,” said Jace.

Jace tells us he has a surprise once he reaches 100 subscribers.

“I will be hydro dipping my phone case,” said Jace.

Jace says he plans to make videos on the weekends once school starts back up. Click here to see his channel.

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