Beebe Court Clerk Fired for Unprofessional Behavior & Gesture Caught on Camera


BEEBE, Ark.- A court clerk in White county was fired after the Beebe city council says a gesture caught on camera to a citizen was the last straw.

Carol Westergren, Beebe City Clerk & Treasurer says the city received several complaints from citizens about Chief Court Clerk, Misty Perkins’ behavior and lack of people skills. 

“Misty was given notice,” says Westergren. “She was told that her behavior was not what we wanted and she didn’t follow suit.”

A recent incident caught on camera led to the city council’s decision to fire her. 

“We’re not going to have that here, we’re going to treat our citizens in high regard,” says Westergren.

During the December 18, 2017 city council meeting, a unanimous vote of 5-0 with one member not present, the council voted to end Perkins’ employment. 

In 2017 state legislation moved the court clerk position under the city. 

Despite the city’s decision, White County Judge Mark Derrick told Perkins to come to work the next day.

“There’s an issue,” says Westergren.  “He doesn’t want to handle the issue.”

Westergren says since Perkins’ dismissal, Judge Derrick has made the court clerk’s computer system inaccessible per court order, which has put the city of Beebe in a bind.

“I think this is just kind of one of those situations that’s just gone from bad to worse and unfortunately right now in this time crunch that we’re in it’s our citizens who are going to lose,” says Westergren.

During the council meeting where the decision was made to fire Perkins, Judge Derrick was given the opportunity to address the council about the decision, but chose not to. 

The city of Beebe says they will begin the process of replacing Perkins in the new year.

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