Black Bear Spotted in Little Rock Parking Lot


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A security guard who is used to checking in visitors, got an unwanted surprise visitor – a huge black bear was seen walking across the Arkansas Farm Bureau’s parking lot in Little Rock Monday night.

“No one even walks around here, it’s just quiet,” says Christiaan Martin, a security guard at the Arkansas Farm Bureau.

This sign outside the Arkansas Farm Bureau in Little Rock, points visitors in the right direction. But for Christiaan Martin – who works as a security guard, an unwanted visitor —  made this night one she would never forget.”I just looked up on the camera and I saw this black thing moving,” says Martin.

She immediately thought the black thing was a huge cat. “But then I looked at the camera and that was a huge bear,” says Martin. So that’s when she took out her camera and started recording.

Major Jack Parker with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission says his officers got a report about  a black bear roaming around the Arkansas Farm Bureau and Kanis Road. “It’s not uncommon for them to come here, but this time of year, the male young bears are being pushed from their mothers,” says Parker.

Parker says most black bears like the one seen in this parking lot – would rather run away than come close to people. “The only real concern is if you see a mother bear with her cubs, and she can get defensive,” says Parker.

While Martin says she came within just feet of this black bear, while checking things out, she’s hoping no more four legged intruders, pop up on her screen anytime soon.

The black bear has not yet been caught.

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