Black Lives Matter Protest LGBTQ Communmity Over Club Performance


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A video surfaced on social media of protestors at the Pride Festival in Little Rock, being controlled by police.

This after Black Lives Matter group of Little Rock said they were discriminated against at an LGBTQ club.

It’s a video now seen by many on social media, police pulling a stun gun at Black Lives Matter protestors Sunday afternoon.

“We were silenced by staff members of Little Rock Pride and were not given the opportunity to talk about our concerns,” said Zachary Miller.

Miller with Black Lives Matter said the concerns stem from an incident a year ago.

“There was a performance by a white drag queen here in which the drag queen characterized back people by wearing box braids giving her an offensive title and proceeding to smash and roll around in watermelon on stage,” said Miller.

That performance Miller said happened at Club Sway a popular LGBTQ club in Little Rock. But owner of Club Sway Marcus Pinkney argued something else.

“We have to go back to the basis of drag, drag is a boy in a dress, that in itself is an illusion so do we deem every white male that has put a dress on and sang Whitney Houston as being racist absolutely not,” said Pinkney.

Miller said this performance was offensive not only to the black community, but also LGBTQ.

“We offered them free anti-racism training we asked for an apology and to implement practices to where that would not continue, and did they, they did not they did issue an apology that did now accept accountability,” said Miller.

“We did issue an apology letter to them they felt it was not sincere and it was their opinion of the apology letter,” said Pinkney. He added, “Because of the fact I refused to take the classes it was a no deal to them.”

“It makes you feel erased as a queer black person,” said Miller.

“If you were to come out to sway on a weekend nights you will see a variety of diversity and backgrounds in the club,” said Pinkney.

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