Boating ? is it expensive?


Cost is, of course, a subjective matter, but here are some general examples of average prices for three different types of boats. A 17 ?to- 19-foot outboard-powered family runabout will be in the 8 ?to- 18 thousand-dollar range. The average cost for a fishing boat with an outboard motor will be in the 4-to- 8 thousand-dollar range. If you’re considering a sailboat, you could acquire a catamaran, which will bring you years of excitement on the water for an average cost of 5-to- 7 thousand dollars. Down payments generally run from 10 to 20 percent and may be negotiable. Of course there’s more to the expense of owning a boat than the down payment. You’ll need to consider all the factors to get a complete picture of expenses. For example, boats can be financed and it’s important for both you and the dealer to look for the best interest rate possible. You’ll also need to consider boat registration fees, certification expenses, equipment, life jackets, insurance, trailer registration, dock fees, maintenance, repairs, taxes, fuel, oil, and winter storage if needed. For more information, talk with a boat dealer in your area.

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