Bodycam video shows inmate’s escape from LRPD officer


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Newly released bodycam footage shows the moment an inmate from the Pulaski County jail escaped the custody of a Little Rock police officer, leading to an hours-long standoff.

The video shows the officer stopping his cruiser outside of the Northwest substation, then getting out of the car and opening the back door to bring 36-year-old Greg Brebaugh inside.

As the officer got the seat belted Brebaugh out of the vehicle, he went to shut the back door of the cruiser. That was the point with Brebaugh made a break for it.

Initially holding his right hand over his left wrist, Brebaugh appeared to be handcuffed, with a cuff on his right wrist. However, the inmate turned and broke away with his hands free, sprinting from the parked car and heading into a nearby stand of trees, a feat made easier as he had stepped out of his jail issued flip-flops.

Police surrounded the wooded area, with K-9 units eventually arriving at the scene to flush out Brebaugh, who was taken back into custody.

In addition to his earlier charges, Brebaugh now faces an additional count of first-degree escape.

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