Bomb Threats at 2 Hot Springs Schools


HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – Two local school campuses were evacuated for about an hour Monday morning after bomb threats.

That’s according to the Hot Springs School District, which says the threats were received by phone for the Hot Springs Middle School and about 20 minutes later for Hot Springs High School.

The school district says the high school was cleared and students returned to the building at 10:23 a.m. and that the middle school received clearance about 15 minutes later.

“As with all cases involving the safety and welfare of our students, accurate information is necessary prior to release. A communications issue prevented us from being able to post anything until now. Thank you for your patience during this time. All schools have now returned to normal operations,” the school district posted on social media shortly after 11 a.m. Monday.

Many parents we spoke to Monday afternoon say they’re considering pulling their kids out of school if the person responsible isn’t caught soon.

“I was actually at work and my son called me on my break to tell me they had evacuated the school,” says parent Michelle Hodges.

Hodges’ son is a freshman at the high school. He says this is the third bomb scare at the school since Thursday.

“I don’t even want to send my son to school,” Hodges adds.

“Talking about it is upsetting me. It’s not the school district’s fault. There’s a criminal out there making these threats and now it’s up to the police department to find who’s making these bomb threats,” says parent Tiffany Martin.

The Hot Springs School District issued a lockdown on the middle school for the remainder of the say, saying the main goal was to keep students safe.

“It does really scare me in today’s day and age what if the one time we think, oh it’s just a prank, and it’s not a prank,” Martin continues.

Many parents hope this doesn’t happen again.

“They need to stop because they’re interfering with our kids’ lives and interfering with their education,” says Hodges.

The Hot Springs Police Department says investigators are working all leads and expect to make an arrest soon.

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