Bow hunting


While popular for target shooting and competition, bows are also popular in hunting large game such as deer. Bow hunting can be challenging, exciting, and rewarding if you are properly prepared. There are several types of bows used in hunting, including long bows, recurve bows, and compound bows. Long bows and recurve bows are similar and are based on the traditional design. Long bows tend to be larger, while recurve bows point forward at the tip where the string is attached. Compound bows are a modern version of the traditional bow and have a system of pulleys that allow the archer to draw and hold greater amounts of pressure. Compound bows give the archer more power and accuracy. Today’s bows and arrows are made in a variety of styles and material including aluminum, fiberglass, and the traditional wood. Before hunting with a bow, make sure you are properly trained and have practiced to avoid unnecessary injury to the animal or yourself. When practicing, vary the distance and situation. If you will be hunting from a tree stand, practice from a tree stand. Also, identify the distance you can consistently shoot arrows into a paper plate. Many states or local authorities require an archery stamp or special permit to bow hunt, so be sure to learn about and conform with these regulations. For more information on bow hunting, consult a sporting goods or hunting store in your area.

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