Boxing gym in southwest LR teaches kids ‘fighting is not a solution to a problem’


The whistling of jump ropes signals class is about to start.

Wrists are taped and gloves are put on inside Straightright Boxing on South Shackleford in southwest Little Rock.

“When it comes to this boxing thing, a lot of people feel like you have to get in the ring; you have to be a tough guy trying to get into this stuff,” Anthony Tucker says.

“Boxing is more than that.” 

Tucker is the general manager at the gym.

On Thursdays, kids ages 8-12 go through drills with coaches, but Tucker says these lessons go well beyond the ring.

“Fighting is not a solution to a problem,” Tucker says.

“And, that’s what we’re trying to teach these guys with boxing.”

It’s a method that’s aimed at delivering an uppercut to life’s challenges.

All of us have things going on in life that knock us down, but we have to get back up,” Tucker says.

“And, that’s all boxing is.”

Prices for kids at the gym range from $69.99 to $99.99 for classes twice a week.

The gym also offers other fitness options and adults as old as 70 use it as well.

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