Branson West MO business in need of more applicants


BRANSON WEST, Mo. (KOLR) — It’s hiring season in Branson and the help wanted signs are going up all around town. However, managers at one local business say they’re ads for help, are not helping much. 

Bill Hasler, General Manager at Stonebridge Village says they need help across the board.   

“The restaurant, service staff, cooks, golf course maintenance, common area maintenance, pro shop. Every single department. We’re understaffed and looking for help,” Hasler said. 

“It’s late in the season. We would have already had people hired and trained and ready to go by now,” said Christine Peters, Supervisor at Ledgestone Grill in Stonebridge.

Stonebridge is mainly a retirement community where golfing and enjoying a good meal is big business.

But, this year, there’s little hiring going on due to a lack of applicants. 

Hasler says they’re advertising through road signs, social media and their website. He says they’ve even made the job offers more attractive. 

” We pay well. That’s another thing we’ve done here recently.. is we’ve increased our starting wages,” said Hasler, “With the food and beverage..servers and cooks.. we’ve talked a little bit about you know we’re not in a location where people can walk, or ride a bike to work” 

One manager says, he’s getting the applicants, but it’s the interview he’s having trouble with.

“They go as far as filling out applications. Going out as far as contacting to set up interviews, said Pro Golf Shop Manager Phillip Drips, “Even calling to reschedule interviews — and then would eventually never show up…There’s kind of that thought that is this down the road of people need to verify search for employment — and they’re really just kind of wasting our time and now it’s turning into they’re wasting our money because we do have to pay to advertise on these sites,” Drips said.

We caught up with a manager over at Silver Dollar City, which is located just across the street from Stonebridge, to find out if they too are experiencing hiring issues this year. Lisa Rau, who heads up their Public Relations team says they’ve been fortunate because they have so many returning employees year after year. However, Rau says they too must make attractive wage offers and good benefits. 

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