Bryant Instructor Scrutinized for Calling Student Derogatory Name

A Bryant High School Jr. ROTC instructor is under scrutiny, accused of using a derogatory name towards a student that referred to a person who’s mentally challenged.

It turns out that student has a mentally challenged brother and his family is not happy.

Michael Henderson has been Timothy Watkins’ legal guardian for 14 years.

After hearing what happened in Watkin’s ninth grade ROTC class he’s demanding the school district do something.

“The teacher told him to stop acting retarded,” Henderson explained. “Not just that he used that word towards my son but he used in a derogatory sentence.”

Watkins says he hasn’t had a very easy road growing up dealing with bullying.

“Being called it, hurt me,” remarked 15-year-old, Watkins.

This instance though wasn’t so much about him as it was a loved one.

Watkins explained, “My brother, I love him to death.”

He says his brother is actually mentally handicapped.

In an email from the Bryant School District they claimed, “After the incident was reported, school administration addressed the personnel issue immediately.”

Exactly how though they wouldn’t elaborate. Henderson still wants an apology.

“If [the teacher] gonna talk to him like that in front of all those students he can apologize to him in front of all those students,” he continued. “The same students that were laughing whenever he called them that.”

Watkins refused to go back to his ROTC class where the instructor teaches so he says the school made him sit in the principal’s office.

He elaborated, “Making me feel like I’ve done something wrong rather than him.”

To that the district says, “A schedule change was initiated per the parent’s request. The student was asked to wait and study in the main office during the schedule change process. This will in no way reflect negatively on his attendance record and the student will receive credit for the new class.”

The family was pleased to hear that the school has made steps in the right direction however they’re still waiting on any official apology.

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