Build Communities Not Bullies

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Here at Fox 16 we continue our efforts to raise awareness about bullying and find ways to put an end to it.

We take a look back at an event held a year ago in Little Rock, “Build Communities, Not Bullies,” to talk to some of the people that attended the event to see what changes they’ve seen, and how planners need your help preparing for this year’s event.

Hundreds of students, parents, counselors, law enforcement and educators showed up on the lawn of the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock for the 2013 event.

“It was absolutely amazing and inspiring, it really gave us the opportunity to know the community wants to come together to make a difference in our community,” says Steven Juain Young.

Young is the chair of the event and works at Booker Arts Magnet Elementary. He says he’s seen a tremendous change in the atmosphere at his school and others.

“The school climate all over the district has just changed and working even harder to bring awareness to find out what bullying is and what it isn’t, and be able to help those who are the bullies, as well as those who find themselves being the target of bullying,” he explains.

The event is free and very family friendly with face painting and tons of information that will be distributed about bullying.

“I was bullied because of my hair, I wear it in afros, so people called me nappy headed,” Young says.

Young says a Booker student interviewed about being bullied there has now made great strides.

“The little girl is now happy, she has many friends,” he says.

Rebecca Aguilera, is the founder of the Better Safe Than Sorry program and a student at Maumelle High School. She attended the event last year as well, to get the word out about Cyber Bullying.

“I’ve seen a lot of success, because I feel as if teenagers and others feel like they can come out and talk and tell others they’re being bullied. That’s the most I have seen, because a year ago people were scared to come out and tell their principal I’m being bullied,” she says.

Rebecca says even if your aren’t being bullied, the event is for you.

“Even if it’s not in your life right now, it could eventually affect them,” she says.

Young says they are seeking help now from everyone across the state to make this year’s event bigger and better.

“We invite communities, we invite sponsors and vendors to come and be a part,” he says.

United, Young says, as one, to show the community and the world; “That in Arkansas we stand together” to build communities not bullies.

Click here for more information on how to you can be a sponsor or vendor at the event.

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