Family caught in crossfire


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Bullets hit too close to home for a Little Rock mom, leaving her desperate tonight to pack her family up to safety.

The Family’s home was caught in the crossfire of a drive by, and now they’re stuck trying to pay for a move.

Akita Kirkwood-Scott won’t let her daughter out of her sight as she tries to get a grip on the violence that pierced her family’s home.

“They were driving along the street and just shooting, shooting, shooting.”

The bullets flew along Hanger street and into her apartment. Hitting the spot this mom had just been sitting in.

“I would have been hit, even if I hit the floor because the bullet came through.”

This shattered her sense of security, and now she wants to move.

“If i’m hearing a popping noise I’m hitting the floor literally because I’m thinking of the shooting and everything that happened.”

There are security cameras just outside of her apartment, and Little Rock Police are already checking that footage to see if they can track down whoever drove off.

LT. Michael Ford of LRPD says, “We’re trying to look at all angles to solve these shootings.”

There were no witness to this shooting.

LT. Ford says, “You’re house is riddled in bullets with something you had no knowledge of and our detectives take a lot of pride in solving.”

The mother says, “I do’t want to imagine losing a child in that way.”

This mom tells us that she is doing everything to get her family into a new home but she says getting enough to cover the cost of moving is holding her back.

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