Cabot Police Search For Woman Who Stole Car From Gas Pump


CABOT, Ark. – A brazen car theft in broad daylight at a Cabot gas station. The victim says he tried to stop it, but was dragged away. 

It happened around 2:00 Sunday afternoon. The driver says he went to the gas station to fill up his car, but left without his vehicle.

Jordan Chinn says he visits the Pride 1 Stop in Lonoke County nearly everyday. 

“I never thought it would happen here in Cabot,” Chinn said. 

But Sunday afternoon it was a trip he’ll never forget. 

“I worked hard for that car. Paid cash for it and it’s all down the drain,” Chinn said. 

He says he filled up his black Mazda 6 and walked inside. At the same time, a silver Chrysler 300 pulled up on the other side of the gas pump. 

“I went in to go pay for my gas and I noticed someone walking up to my vehicle,” Chinn said. 

He says a woman jumped out of the back seat and into his driver side. He says he tried to get inside, but was dragged a few yards before he could get away. 

“Luckily, I didn’t get under the car because if I would have got under the car I would probably be in the hospital, if not passed away,” Chinn said. 

Lydia Nevels, the Pride 1 Stop manager, says she was called shortly after it happened. 

“it was really crazy for me to even hear something like that because I would have never thought someone would steal a vehicle, especially from this kind of place,”  Nevels said. 

She says, luckily, they got the whole thing on video and Jordan hopes it helps police solve the crime. 

“I think it was downright wrong, on their end, and karma will come find them eventually,” Chinn said. 

Jordan says unfortunately he did leave his keys in his car.. and his car unlocked. It’s a mistake he’ll never make again. 

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