Cabot woman reunites with grandfather’s missing dog tag


CABOT, Ark. – A Cabot family reunited with a piece of their history they didn’t even know was missing. Cabot Emergency Hospital staff found World War II era dog tags Sunday and started a search for the owner. Wednesday they were able to track down the relatives of the name on the tag.

Faded photos, tattered discharge papers and stories from family and friens were the only things Lori Womack Tippet had left of the grandfather she never had the chance to meet.

“I was born two years after he died,” Tippet said.

That was, until today.

“For somebody to find this and he’s been dead for 57 years,” Tippet said.

Sunday, at Cabot Emergency Hospital, staff found a World War II era dog tag while washing the linens.

“So we immediately started trying to track down that patient,” Marketing Director Nathan Jeffers said.

After a lot of digging, Jeffers found a match.

“First I thought he had the wrong person,” Tippet said.

The only problem, Lori hadn’t been to the hospital and didn’t even know about the tag.

“No, not a clue, not a clue,” Tippet said.

Turns out the patient that wore it into the hospital had been looking for the family it belonged to.

“She said I’ve worn this for years and I’d really like to give it back to the family. That’s always been my goal,” Jeffers said.

That goal came to life.

“It’s a great gift. Came at the right time,” Tippet said.

As she puts her thumb on his thumbprint, Lori now has a peice of her grandfather she didn’t even know was missing.

“This here, he’ll always be with me,” Tippet said.

Tippet said she will wear the tag around her neck for a long time.

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