Cabot woman speaks out after car break in caught on camera


CABOT, Ark. — A Cabot family is speaking out after one of their cars was broken into this past week.

The people who live in the neighborhood said they were shocked to hear about the break in and attempted break in.

“It’s just crazy that it happened in a little town like Cabot, Cabot is just very small,” lives in neighborhood, Giselle Rios said.

Its typically nice and quite on Nottingham Drive in Cabot. So when Blanca Rios’ car was broken into early Wednesday, she said she was shocked.

“You see the complete video of them going in the car and breaking into my car,” Blanca Rios said. “Breaking into the neighbors car and you see them just keep walking down the street.

Rios said she didn’t hear anything the night it happened, other neighbors we talked to said the same. She said she just came out to her car and realized something wasn’t right.

“I just see everything out of place, like they went through my glove compartment, my arm rest, everything was just completely taken out,” Rios said.

The two sisters said three men went to all of their cars outside their home and pulled the doors to see if they were unlocked and then did the same with some neighbors. The entire incident was caught on their surveillance cameras.

Despite it being the fire time they fell victim to this, another neighbor we talked with said car break ins have happened across town recently and in their neighborhood in the past.

The Rios shared the video on Facebook and hope by sharing their story and this video the suspects will be caught.

“I forgot to lock it and that’s one of the consequences, but I just to alert people to just lock their cars and keep everything that’s valuable out of the car,” Rios said.

Rios said the suspects took her purse but left her wallet and credit cards scattered around the area near her house.

Cabot police said they are looking into the incident.

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