Cabot’s Lone Movie Theater Looks to Add Alcohol


When it comes to snacks at the movies, popcorn is the star. Sodas and candy are the supporting actors.

And, now, like many theaters in Little Rock, the Silver Screen cinema in Cabot wants to add alcohol to its cast of menu offerings.

Some are giving the idea two thumbs down.

“There’s plenty of places in Cabot that you can go and drink at,” John Chism says.

Chism works as a bail bondsman in Lonoke county.

The thought of adult beverages being served where his grandchildren frequent does not sit well with him.

“You don’t want to have to worry whether or not the guy standing next to them is very drunk or belligerent,” Chism says.

The theater’s owner seeks a private club permit to sell beer and wine in an otherwise dry city. Cabot’s city council has to approve his request, which would allow him to apply to the ABC for an alcohol permit.

It’s been heavily discussed. Audio from a public input session during the May 21 city council meeting hints at concerns.

“You go up there on a Friday or a Saturday night, kids are getting dropped off.”
“The lights are going to be out, you’re going to have kids drinking.”

Councilman Kevin Smith doesn’t have a problem seeing alcohol at the town’s only theater, he released a statement that said in part:

“I personally don’t want to hinder any business from growth, as long as they are in the confines of state law.”
Matthew Smith, owner of Silver Screen told us in a statement:

“Every cinema in Little rock serves alcohol now. There are family’s attending movies there. I have been serving at my Little Rock cinema for well over a decade and also serve in Hot Springs at my cinema there. We have had no issues at all at these cinemas of mine. There is no risk or danger — as my proven track record of serving for over 10 years in Little Rock at the cinema shows.”

The Cabot city council has held one reading on the issue so far. A second reading is scheduled at the next city council meeting: Monday, June 18 at 7 p.m. Public input can be shared.

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