‘Camp Laughter’ Connects Parents, Children with Facial Birth Defects

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LITTLE ROCK, AR — Summer is almost over, but for some children there is one last camp.

“Camp Laughter,” at Camp Aldersgate in Little Rock, is all about one doctor trying to connect parents and children who have facial birth defects.

Parker Mollette plays with his mom and brother Preston at Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

It’s here he’s spent a lot of time, after being born with a cleft lip and palate.

“He is all boy, he is 100 percent boy, he is energetic and funny, always laughing,” says Parker’s mom Michelle.

But Parker doesn’t get to laugh with a lot of other children, so thanks to pediatric surgeon Dr. Barbera Honnebier, Camp Laughter will be held Saturday, Aug. 3, at Camp Aldersgate in Little Rock, for children and their families in similar situations to connect.

“Sort of getting to know each other in hopes of to support each other, build relationships together and to grow together,” said Dr. Honnebier.

Arkansas Children’s Hospital, along with the division of plastic surgery, are partnering with the camp.

About 40 children will experience a load of outdoor activities. Parker’s mom says it’s perfect, they’ve reached out to some parents in the same situation, but would like to meet more.

“I have met several over the internet and social media, we have not met very many yet. We are excited to meet some more tomorrow, and for him and my other son to get to play with some other kids,” she says.

“Parker is a very happy, boisterous child and absolute great joy,” added Dr. Honnebier.

A great joy his mom wants to share with others.

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