Cancer Patient Searches For His Missing Dog

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR — A North Little Rock man, who lost his wife to cancer, has now lost the one thing that helped him get through that time.

Mel Posey’s heart is broken. The only thing that keeps him going is the hope he’ll find what he’s missing.

He said, “We’ve been looking about seven days now.”

Posey’s wife died of brain cancer two years ago and by her side the whole time was the couple’s dog, who’s now missing.

Posey said, “She was on her deathbed, final stages of cancer, and Lucy was right there with her and I was right there with her when she took her last breath.”

During that same time, Mel also battled cancer and after his wife’s death, he relied on Lucy for comfort.

Posey said, “She’s gone and I’m depressed and that’s not good for cancer patients.”

While he’s in remission now, Posey still gets check up several times a year and he says Lucy would always be there to cheer him up.

To help find her, he’s been putting up posters and searching for her since Thanksgiving Day, which is the day the dog went missing.

The rat terrier escaped from a North Little Rock kennel last week. Mel didn’t want to name the boarding business, but he said Lucy slipped under a fence when she was outside getting exercise. She was last spotted at Crystal Hill and Maumelle Blvd.

Mel spent hundreds of dollars making missing flyers and he plans to spend hundreds more ($1000) on a reward given to the person who returns his precious pup. He’s also getting help from a national organization called Lost Pet Professionals. Trainers from that organization try and track missing dogs and cats using the scent of collars, toys or even pet beds.

Trainer Angie Rutherford said, “It’s hard to not get emotionally attached to the situation…but you have to focus on the dogs.”

Rutherford and her four dogs have been helping in the search for Lucy for the past couple days. While the dogs did catch a few scent trails…so far there’s been no luck finding Lucy.

Mel’s far from giving up though. He’s committed himself to finding his best friend and the companion that got him through the toughest time of his life.

He said, “She’s just like one of my kids.”

If you’ve spotted Lucy the dog or know where she may be you can call Mel at 870-310-3145.

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