Candidate for House seat says he lives in the district he’s running in, despite using different addresses in documents


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Fox16 has learned the Attorney General’s office has been notified of allegations that Roderick Talley, a candidate for House of Representatives District 36, hasn’t met the minimum qualifications to run.

Last week, police dashcam footage was released of Talley using foul language and a homophobic slur toward a State Trooper.

Talley, who’s been the center of Little Rock’s no-knock warrant controversy, says he’s lived in District 36 for more than a year, making him qualified to run for District 36 in the House of Representatives.

“This would be an opportunity to kind of have a say so in how the laws are created and amended,” says Talley.

Between recent court documents alleging he’s residing in Texas, which he says was for two weeks, and a police report listing an address in Hope, he says it comes down to safety.

“Once the no-knock situation happened, I use that address cause I don’t want police officers knowing where I stayed, I didn’t want the public knowing where I stayed at,” says Talley.

In an April 2019 police report, a woman told officers Talley had been living with her in an apartment off Cantrell for a few months. Talley denies that.

When Talley decided to run, he listed an address on West 23rd Street in Little Rock, but he says he’s now living near 17th Street, both of those addresses are in District 36.

“The young lady that was allowing me to stay at her residence, she has a significant other staying there also with a child and I just felt with all the publicity coming this way I didn’t want that for her,” says Talley.

Last week, dashcam footage was obtained after he parked on the side of the road to record a traffic stop.

Talley was later arrested on impeding traffic, driving on a suspended license and obstruction.

The candidate could be heard on the dashcam using foul language and a homophobic slur toward the State Trooper.

Talley, who believes he didn’t break the law, has apologized and says his emotions got the best of him.

“I went there with the intent to look out for somebody else,” says Talley.

Talley is facing felony charges in other cases, but he believes he will win all of them.

“I know what the media has said. I have proven time and time again in the fight for my freedom it’s either dismissed or nolle prosequi.

Talley is running against four other people for District 36: Philip Hood, Darrell Stephens, Denise Ennett and Russell Williams III.

Election day is August 6.

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