Capitol View car breaks in; one woman robbed twice in a week


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- The Capitol View neighborhood is dealing with an unusual amount of car break ins.

Rachel Railey and her fiance, J Cole Lansden bought their Oak St. home about five months ago, but are concerned for their safety after the recent rash of break ins.

“What are they going to do next,” says Railey, “are they going to come into our home?”

She’s especially worried after her car was broken into twice in a four day period.

The first time it happened was last Thursday morning. She got a notification on her phone.

“I was watching it happen,” says Railey. “The guy was snooping in my car and I jumped up and I said ‘someone’s breaking in my car.'”

She and her fiance went outside to discover the window smashed and a coin purse that had been hidden in the door pocket missing.

The culprit was however caught on camera near her car and unscrewing the flood lights in the couple’s backyard.

“It looked like a doo-rag he pulled over his head,” says Railey.

Other neighbors say they’ve had their cars broken into as well within the last month. Some people sent her videos of a prowler with a similar appearance.

Sunday morning Railey was a victim for a second time. This time her registration was missing.

Lansden says he feels like they’ve taken all the precautions they can.

“What really worries me is she has to get up every morning and go out to her car not knowing if there’s going to be somebody out there,” says Lansden.

“It’s scary,” says Railey. “What if he had a gun on him? He had a mask on. That’s terrifying.”

Police haven’t made any arrests and they weren’t able to get usable fingerprints to ID the suspect.

If you have any information contact LRPD.

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