Car Crashes Into Stuttgart Home with Family Inside


STUTTGART, Ark. – A Stuttgart family is thankful to be alive and able to walk away after a car plowed into their house Wednesday night. 

At the time their two-year-old son was among the people inside. 

“You can see where the house is shifted on the foundation about 7 inches,” says Eric Agney, the owner of the home where the car crashed. 

The house where just two days earlier Eric Agney, his wife, and their 2-year-old son were getting ready to celebrate his birthday now sits boarded up and set to be condemned. 

“The fire department, they told us it’s unsafe,” says Agney, “we can’t go in there.”

The couple was home with their child and roommate when a car came crashing through the front corner of their home.  

“The next thing we knew the whole house shook and we didn’t know what it was,” says Agney.  “We thought a bomb had dropped or something.”

Agney couldn’t open the front door so he kicked out the front window which was already partially shattered. 

Once he got his wife and son out, they saw a man covered in blood on the porch and the car inside of the house.

“He just kept asking me to forgive him and at that point, I kind of realized what was going on and what had happened,” says Agney. 

A 20-year-old driver slammed into the house after first responders say he’d been seen driving erratically all over town.

“We kept asking him over and over are you hurt, are you injured,” says Stuttgart Fire Battalion Chief Kie Sherman.  “He just kept on saying my car, my car.”

The family says their little boy is shaken up from the traumatic experience and they’ve lost a lot, but they’re just glad everyone was able to walk away, including the driver.

“All we have are the clothes on our backs,” says Alaya Agney. “It’s a tough road ahead of us but we’ll make it,” she says cuddling her son. 

The driver was cited with DWI and reckless driving. 

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