Car Plows through Cemetery in Saline County

SALINE COUNTY, AR – Clif Crawford has a job not often sought after but with four generations of family and more friends buried there, his role of caretaker at Fairplay Cemetery in Saline County is one he takes pride in.

It primarily consists of picking up around the grounds and keeping up appearances.

“That’s one of my primary objectives,” said Clif.

Tuesday however, he has a lot on his hands.

The names of loved ones on headstones are scattered around their graves with tire ruts carved throughout a part of the cemetery.

Clif says it’s clear someone swerved off the road and plowed through the fence and grounds. He says it’s possible it was an accident with someone driving around the nearby curve too fast but a few things don’t add up. One heavy headstone is knocked off its base in a different direction than the tire marks would suggest. There are also what seems to be two sets of tire tracks.

“I can’t make heads or tails of this other than there’s a lot of damage done,” added Clif.

Either way no one has taken responsibility. Whoever it was just left.

“At least contact somebody and say hey I messed up,” suggested Clif. “[Say] What do we need to do to correct it?”

While he takes pride in his craft it’s the families of the names on the damaged headstones that concern this caretaker.

“It’s bad enough from the standpoint of just the cleanup,”explained Clif. “To me it’s really bad for [the families].”

According to those looking into the damage there were witnesses of the incident. Possible names of those responsible have apparently been supplied.

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