Cashier using her disability to inspire others


MAUMELLE, Ark. – A local Kroger cashier is using her disability as an inspiration to help others.

Heidi Courtway is 20 years old and has had a hearing impairment since she was a toddler.

When her parents discovered it, she was fitted for hearing aids and has worn them ever since. 

“I’ve had hearing aids for the majority of my life, so I grew up being able to hear,” explained Courtway.

She learned sign language but can hear well enough with her hearing aids that she does not really utilize it.

But recently she realized the tool of sign language could help her customers at the grocery store.

“I want my hearing-impaired customers and deaf customers to have that same experience,” said Courtway.

Courtway has been encouraging the hearing impaired to come through her lane at checkout. She knows most of the basics, so she can communicate with those who need sign language.

“She is a very good employee she just loves the customers and tries to do her best to interact with them as much as possible,” said one of her managers Braxton Anderson.

She has also taught some of her co-workers how to communicate in signs as well. Even offering so tips to everyone reading this.

“Just face them speak slowly and just treat them like any other person in this work…we can do anything.”

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