INDEPENDENCE COUNTY, AR – Miranda is a typical teenager. The 14-year-old loves sports, family time and having fun. But all that has been hard for her to enjoy this past month.

“I just remember seeing the pole and concrete. That’s all, I like blacked out,” says Miranda.

You can hear Miranda’s cry for help after a girl attacked her at Midland High School in Independence County last week. Instead of breaking up the fight students stood by and pushed record on their cell phones, sending it to everyone they knew.

For a year Miranda says students have been bullying her at school. But this time it got physical.

“They just make fun of the fight and scream what are you doing and they pretend they’re like hitting each other,” says Miranda.

But the aftermath of the fight was anything but funny.

“No parent, no kid, nobody should have to go through it,” says Miranda’s mom Lynelle Dowell.

Miranda’s mother took these photos after picking her up from school. Students even took to social media praising the student who beat up Miranda.

“She never threw a punch and she was still suspended,” says Dowell.

Lynelle says the school suspended her daughter and the bully, but feels the district isn’t doing their part to keep her child safe.

“Something needs to be done at home not just at the school,” Dowell says.

Nearly a week since the fight, Miranda says she’s still getting threats but making sure a friend is with her at all times. Because the thought of having to re-live the moment again, hurts.

“I hope that it gets taken care of before it gets too bad because people can die from this,” Miranda says.

Lynelle, the mother plans to file a police report on Tuesday and paperwork that would allow her to change schools.

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