Caught on Camera: Vandals Throw Rock at BBQ Restaurant


JACKSONVILLE, Ark.-A group of vandals shattered the front door of a barbecue restaurant on West Main Street in Jacksonville.

It happened Monday in broad daylight, and it was caught on camera.

Mike Stevens is the owner of CM Smoke Artisan BBQ. He said it doesn’t make any sense for someone to bust out his window in the front door.

He says he’s never had any problems in his years of doing business, and he’s glad the vandals didn’t take anything.

Stevens likes to do things old school.

“Wood fire style, no thermometers, no electricity, no gas. It’s all done slow,” Stevens said.

His passion for cooking started years ago.

“You gotta love what your are doing,” Stevens said.

Outside his restaurant on West Main Street sits a boarded up door with the word “open” spray painted red.

“It won’t change one bit I’m still going to be cooking,” Stevens said.

On Monday, surveillance video caught three people walking in the parking lot.

“One of them bent over, picked up a rock, threw it through the front door and broke the window out,” Stevens said.

Stevens didn’t know what to say.

“It’s lack of respect I guess, I don’t know. Not thinking about the consequences, yeah, it’s a rock and a piece of glass, but it interrupts the business for the day,” Stevens said.

He said the vandals need to own up.

“Come back and apologize,” Stevens said.

He says he’s not letting this criminal act stop him from doing what he loves.

“We will be back tomorrow. By next week, we will never knew it happened,” Stevens said.

If you know anything about this case, call Jacksonville Police.

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