Central Arkansas Parent Creates Reminder for Parents to Check Car for Children

HOT SPRINGS, AR – Police will be meeting with prosecutors in Hot Springs in the investigation of a toddler who died in a hot car June 24.

It has been exactly one week since the son of a Garland County Circuit Court Judge died. Thomas Naramore was 18-months-old.

The responses, criticism and judgment has varied across media and the public on social media.

On one end of the spectrum people have demanded justice. Others have taken a sympathetic approach.

One woman though, hopes her response can help prevent something like this in her community again. 

Some may say you shouldn’t need a reminder that your child is in the back seat.  Her simple creation however, continues to gain support.

“I remember laying awaking at night … is there something that I can do in my vehicle,” Jennifer Christian asked herself.

Her idea has taken off. 

It’s a velcro band that wraps around a steering wheel. She says it’s an inexpensive way to help remind you that when you leave your car, you don’t leave your child.

She calls them “Remember Bands”.  Jennifer has only promoted them on her Facebook for a day but so far she’s taken plenty of orders and has made more than 100.

The thing is, Jennifer’s not asking for anything in return. She’s making them for free while hoping only one thing comes from it.

She said, “If one kid could be saved from that, that would be enough.” 

She says as a parent you want to think that you should never need something like this to remind you of your child. At the same time though, she says we all lead such busy, hectic lives and if you do ever need a reminder it’s there.

And it may be better than nothing.

Jennifer has a dedicated Facebook Page for Remember Bands. You can find that here.

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