Chainsaw Attack Reported in Hot Spring County, Man Arrested


Word of a chainsaw attack spreads through Hot Spring county.

Used items for sale line the walls of a flea market in Malvern. But, news of this used item for scare is sending shockwaves through town.

A woman at the front of the store reads a headline in the local newspaper that reads: Chainsaw Attack.

“This is the first I’ve seen,” she says.

Robert Shawn Mitchell remains in the Hot Spring county jail. He’s accused of attacking a woman with a chainsaw.

 “You don’t hear of somebody attacking someone with a chainsaw very often,” Sheriff Mike Cash says.

Cash says it happened at a home off Highway 51 over the weekend.

Calls to 911 reveal the real-life horror. We obtained audio of the calls from the county judge.

Dispatcher: “911, what’s your emergency?”
Woman: “I had someone here that had a chainsaw, and he went after my friend.”

Woman: “He’s got a chainsaw. Please hurry.”

Dispatcher: “Did he assault someone with a chainsaw?”
Woman: “[Crying] Yes.”

Authorities say Mitchell told detectives he was just trying to scare the woman.

She suffered a cut on her wrist. Mitchell blamed the injury on a broken broom.

 Sheriff Cash says Mitchell was out on parole after serving nearly eight years for going after his ex-wife with a chainsaw in Garland county.

“Well, he’s in jail now,” Cash says.

“And, he probably won’t get out.”

The story still doesn’t make sense to people in town.

 “Ah, it’s just unbelievable,” one man at the flea market says.


Now he’s shopping for safety.

 “Yeah. Maybe start carrying a gun.”

Robert Shawn Mitchell faces a charge of aggravated assault, according to investigators.

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