Changes in store for North Little Rock School District

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR – North Little Rock schools have literally stood the test of time.

Parents like Lashauna Simmons say the plans to upgrade the buildings couldn’t have come at a better time. Her son starts kindergarten in the fall.

“As far as education, I can definitely be for anything that will better my child’s education,” Simmons said.

Starting in the fall, Belwood Elementary students will go to Amboy, Boone Park, or North Heights elementary schools. Sixth graders won’t go to Poplar Street anymore. They’ll go to Ridgeroad or North Little Rock High East campus. Rose City students will go to Ridgeroad or North Little Rock High East, too.

Additionally, North Little Rock East will no longer be for 9 and 10 graders. 9th graders will go to the current Lakewood Middle School, and 10 graders will go to the current Poplar Street Middle School.

District spokeswoman Shara Brazear says teams have already been formed to come up with building plans.

“They will be going to look at other schools out of the state we want to model,” Brazear said.

While some schools will either get a huge facelift or major renovation, Simmons appreciates it, knowing her son will be in a top notch environment.

“I can value the world class education,” Simmons said. “I’m looking forward to it and the plans they have in action.”

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