HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – The site of the Majestic Hotel in downtown Hot Springs could soon see new life. City officials are sending out requests for proposals to developers interested in the property.

The Majestic caught fire in 2014 and was demolished in 2016. People who live in the area thought something would go up in it’s place pretty quickly but it’s still sitting vacant.

“It’s just an eyesore. It’s just an open spot that has these bad memories associated with it,” Hot Springs local Stephen Fryar said.

Broken bricks and a sign in front of an open field is all that’s left from the iconic hotel.

“It’s disappointing. I mean it really is,” Fryar said.

Soon this rubble could be cleared to make way for something new.

“Oh it would be great to see something come up again,” Hot Springs resident Beth Thomas said.

The City of Hot Springs completed a study of the property. The results say a thermal water complex and hotel would be the best use but it doesn’t rule out retail or maybe even a restaurant.

“It gives me hope that we’re going to have something good there,” Fryar said.

Since this lot has sat empty for close to four years, the public has their own opinions on what they’d like to see pop up in this spot.

“A hot water pool or something of that nature, or you know a community center or a performance hall,” Fryar said.

Some say they’d like to see an attraction that appeals to not only visitors but those who live in the city as well.

“Something that offers pricing for both locals and tourists,” Hot Springs local Abigail Fryar said.

They also want something that adds to the already bustling downtown scene.

“Really bring something that we don’t already have downtown,” Stephen said.

No matter what the city decides, the locals just hope it keeps the character of this historic town.

“Something that’s centered around Hot Springs and what we’re all about,” Stephen said.

The city is sending out requests for proposals tomorrow. Developers interested in the property have until March 30th to send in their submissions.