Classes for new moms move completely virtual


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- With the COVID-19 outbreak, a lot of changes are coming. Events like weddings are being postponed, but one thing that cannot be moved to a later date is giving birth.

In this new norm, some birthing classes, newborn classes and breastfeeding consultations are being moved online.​

Baptist Health Hospital is offering one-on-one breastfeeding appointment virtually.​

“It’s terrifying, to be honest,” said Lindsay Hoelzeman who has newborn.​

Parents bringing home a newborn can be a stressed-out during that time but adding in the looming threat of COVID-19 makes some of them not want to leave their house for anything.​

“As a new mom it still scares you for your baby to get anything,” said Lindsay Hoelzeman. ​

Lindsay Hoelzeman is a mom of two.​

The newest addition to their family is not even one month old yet.​

With fears that baby Berkley could get coronavirus, Hoelzeman opted to do her lactation consultation online.​

“It’s extremely easy and convenient and you can wear pajamas on your couch rather than having to get out and making the whole trek to Little Rock,” said Lindsay Hoelzeman. ​

Hoelzeman had her appointment with lactation consultant Jessica Donahue at Baptist Health Hospital.​

“You can get the same help as you would get if they came in for an in-person appointment,” said Jessica Donahue, Rn, Lactation consultant at Baptist Health.​

Donahue said she was seeing around 20 moms a week but now they have moved completely virtual.​

While COVID-19 forced classes to go online, Donahue said because of how convenient it is for new parents, it may stay that way.​

“New moms not having to leave their house and not having to get their baby out in the first few weeks is really a good thing,” said Donahue.​

“I would definitely recommend doing it and I would definitely do it again but there is certain places where you would need to go in physically to be there,” said Hoelzeman.​

To see what classes are available, click here.

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