Cloverdale students build planes for the year 2042


LITTLE ROCK, AR — The Wright brothers may have met their match. But then again, they may have been outdone by some middle schoolers!

“You have to have a real creative mind to come up with a lot of things,” said Jasmine Roston.

You have to be creative to imagine what airplanes will look like in the year 2042, and then build it — using the things we tend to throw away.

“I looked at a coffee can and then I looked and said ‘If I cut that big enough, I can fit a piece of wood and make propellers,'” Shayne Johnson said.

Gifted & Talented teacher Nona Whitaker presented the challenge to get students to change the way they think.

“It give them an opportunity to probe for ideas to be creative, trial and error,” Whitaker said.

What seemed to be impossible at first became reality once the students put on their thinking caps.

“I did it like the last days we had to do it. It didn’t take that long really. Ms. Whitaker says projects don’t take long if you work on them,” Tymonde Stigger said.

A skill that will take them higher than the wings of a plane.

A panel of judges will decide the overall winner.

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