Company truck stolen from Lonoke home; key fob used to get in


LONOKE, Ark. — A rude awakening started Cory Miller’s day, as his wife got him up before 5 a.m. saying his truck was stolen.

“That’s some way to wake up,” Miller said.

His wife was nursing their newborn when she got an app alert from the Ring surveillance system.

“I ran out here, looked out both ways, I jumped in one of the cars and rode around town,” Miller said.

His white F-250 wouldn’t be too hard to spot either with the words “Miller Fish, Inc. Lonoke, AR” written down the side window.

“We go pretty much across the United States hauling fish, stocking ponds.”

A family business requiring some specialty equipment that his truck could handle.

So he keeps a close eye on it — especially since a year ago he had another truck stolen. It was locked.

“I’ve bought the security system, I bought two new guns, I don’t know what else to do besides just sit out here and wait on them to come,” he said.

He believes this car jacking happened in two stages: the set up and the follow through.

About a week ago, Miller says he ran off another guy sneaking around his truck after midnight.

He fears after a long day on the road, that may have been when he left his keys in the truck.

“I want to say that they stole my keys then.”

It’s not until now, days after the keys went missing, surveillance video shows a man unlock Miller’s truck, get in and drive off.

“Brave, real brave.”

And a real mess Miller can’t believe he’s going through again.

The surveillance video also shows the man who stole the truck, got out of a red Porsche sports car.

Along with Miller’s truck getting stolen last year, his brother’s was stolen 3 weeks ago. It was found in a ditch.

They live in the same neighborhood.

Police reports have been filed and hope this time the people responsible are caught.

If you recognize the men in the videos or the red Porsche, call Lonoke Police Department.

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